Dibasic Lead Stearate (DBLS)

Dibasic Lead Stearate is a high performance heat stabilizer as well as efficient high temperature lubricant used in PVC processing. It is extensively used to obtain long production runs at high production rates. Most of the Rigid PVC Pipe, Conduit as well as Cable industries are using this product in view of the special advantages it gives in combination with other lead stabilizers and lubricants.

It contains almost double the lead oxide equivalent of normal lead stearate and has a corresponding greater heat stabilizing ability. It helps to provide lubrication, particularly on the surface of machines working at high temperature and speeds. There is much less likelihood of migration or blooming occurring than with other metallic stearates.

Di Basic Lead Stearate has a fairly low refractive index, and when used alone in P.V.C. has a low pigmenting value, producing a translucent product. It is suitable for both translucent and coloured compounds. It acts as a stabilizer lubricant, permitting increased rates of production by reducing friction. It is often used in conjunction with other metallic stearates, where it exhibits a greater efficiency as a heat stabilizer because of the synergistic effect. Di Basic Lead Stearate has wide application as a lubricant for plasticised P.V.C. compounds, particularly cable covering, Rigid PVC Pipes, PVC Profiles & Flooring, PVC Footwear, Master Batches and many more resistivity.


Dibasic Lead Stearate PVC Chemical

Technical Specification

Molecular Formula 2PbO.Pb (C17H35COO)2
Appearance White Powder
Molecular Weight 1219.87
Specific Gravity 1.95
Moisture , % 1.0 Max.
Melting Point 115 – 117*C
Particle Size -200 Mesh
Lead Content(as PbO ), % 55%
Purity, % 99.6% Minimum
Heat Loss, % 0.20%
Free Fatty Acid , % 2.0 Max.
Packing Polylined HDPE bags of 50 Kgs. Nett.
Suggested Application
  • Used as high temperature lubricant & heat stabilizer in PVCprocessing.