Our Products

KATALIZER INDIA has created a name of repute and trust in the Chemical Industry in the last 40 years. Our core business lies in the development, manufacture and production of high-quality but cost-effective PVC Chemicals & Stabilizers.

We have specialization in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of PVC Stabilizer Products, Calcium Stearate and Lead Stearate. Our product range encompasses One Pack PVC Stabilizers, PVC Heat Stabilizers, PVC Chemicals, Lead Stabilizer, PVC Stabilizer, PVC Additives, Aluminium Stearate. Our Lead based One Pack PVC Stabilizers are available in various grades and specifications as per requirement of different industries and applications.


One Pack Stabilizer For PVC – Flakes One Pack Lead Stabilizer for PVC Pipes
Aluminium Stearate (High Gel) Aluminium Stearate High Gel for Waterproofing
Calcium Stearate (CS) Calcium Stearate PVC chemicals
Tribasic Lead Sulphate (TBLS) Tribasic Lead Sulphate Chemical For PVC Pipe
Dibasic Lead Stearate (DBLS) Dibasic Lead Stearate PVC Chemical
Lead Stearate (LS) Lead Stearate Powder PVC Pipes Chemical
Stearic Acid – PVC Grade Stearic Acid Powder PVC Grade For Pipe
Titanium Dioxide Chemical Titanium Dioxide Powder For PVC Industry
Paraffin Wax Paraffin Wax For PVC Pipe Industry