One Pack Stabilizer for PVC

In PVC industry, the disadvantages of having many micro ingredients in a formulation become readily apparent, especially to the plant personnel who have to deal with the weighting and blending of these micro ingredients.

Lead based One Pack Stabilizer is a combination of additives for the processing of PVC. A number of different additives like oxidizers, lubricants,impact modifiers, process aids, calcium stearate, and Lead stabilizers. etc are put together to form One Pack Heat Stabilizer Flake compound.

One Pack Lead Stabilizers improves the heat stability of PVC during extrusion and also provide high output rates at lower costs. They find value in both single screw & in multi screw extrusion of pipe. The family of packaged products are available with different lubricant ratios so that a specific product can be closely matched to your process. These are in form of flake chips which helps the PVC in the extrusion process.

One Pack Stabilizer Additive are heavily used as heat stabilizer in the PVC formulation. It can be heated to high temperatures without decomposition. This product is recommended for extrusion of Rigid Pipes, Pressure & Non-Pressure Pipes, profiles, cables, reinforced suction hoses, sheets, tubings Conduits, Suction pipes, Casing & Capping etc.

One Pack Lead Stabilizer for PVC Pipes

Technical Specification

Appearance White Flakes
Lead as % of Pb 33 +/- 1.0
External Lubricants Not Required
Moisture, % 0.5 Max.
Drop Melting Point (Deg. C) 105 ± 2
Density (g/cm3) 1.20 ± 0.02
Solubility in Water insoluble
Form Flake/chips
Packing Polylined HDPE bags of 50 Kgs. Nett.
Suggested Application
  • All kinds of Rigid PVC pipe production.
  • Cables, Suction pipes, Sheets, Tubings, Conduits

Chemical One Pack compound for PVC Pipes industry